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5 Pro Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Matter

Email has been a staple in the marketer’s toolkit as long as email has been around, and it’s showing no signs of giving up that spot.  That’s because email has been, and is predicted to consistently continue as, one of the strongest channels for engaging and converting audiences.  But despite the advances in technology, graphics and mobility, the formula for a successful email marketing campaign has stayed largely the same.   Certain best practices stay constant throughout the years and guarantee a higher success rate.  We’ve listed a few below. Read more

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Marketing Automation: Must Have or Maybe Not?

The key to a successful marketing strategy is to create solutions for your specific business. What will work best for you? And how?  These are questions your marketers should address before implementing any tool in a marketing strategy.  Marketing automation is a tool that many think dominates the marketing mix.  As leads become more frequent and harder to keep track of, marketing automation is a popular option for marketers to turn to.  It’s is used by companies of all shapes and sizes and may seem like the holy grail of marketing, but it’s important to know the basics before you leap in. Read more

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Tips to Top the Inbox: What You Need to Get Emails Noticed

The average person is inundated with emails every day.  Most of us immediately delete the majority of mail that comes our way, especially if we don’t think it relates to us.  As a marketing tactic, emails can be tricky.  They require a strategy and plan to be successful and an accurate analysis of your target audience is key.  Still, getting consumers to open your mail can be difficult.  Getting that click-through can be even more difficult. It’s frustrating to put effort into an email without definitive results.  If you’re not experiencing the results you anticipated, there are many things you can do to your emails that have big impacts on your click rates. Read more

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7 Advantages of Email Marketing

7 advantages of email marketing

When digital marketing experts speak of a digital marketing campaign, often times they only touch on factors like social media, SEO, and building a reputation on the Internet. Another important digital marketing strategy is using email marketing to your benefit. Here are 7 reasons email marketing should be a part of your cohesive SEO plan. Read more

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