Marketing Automation

For companies looking to stand out in a competitive marketplace, effective and efficient marketing efforts to attract new customers, nurture leads, retain current clients, achieve and measure ROI, and more are essential to success. To focus and enhance their marketing processes, businesses of all sizes have turned to automation software.

Marketing automation solutions offer a number of benefits for businesses – such as centralizing all of your marketing data, facilitating and coordinating customer engagement, and providing a way to assess the impact marketing campaigns have on revenue. Traffic Jams works with high-quality automation solutions to help companies streamline inbound marketing, online forms, and lead nurturing.

Inbound Marketing

Attracting new customers with expertly crafted and strategically distributed content is a key step in the marketing and sales process. Automation software provides businesses with various tools to simplify and optimize inbound marketing.

SEO auditing and analysis tools, for instance, helps identify any issues hurting your site’s visibility in search engine results. Automation adjusts to keep up with changes in search engine algorithms to ensure your company’s site stays optimized for search in the ever-evolving realm of SEO.

A marketing automation solution can also gather data on which companies visit your website – in addition to which content they viewed and where they came from. This allows you to determine which types of content produce the best results in the form of interest and visits.

Additionally, automated social media marketing tools can boost brand visibility, on top of helping your business identify and connect with prospective clients. Marketing automation also provides tools that make it easy to create landing pages and online forms that capture the attention of potential customers and motivate them to act on their interest.

Online Forms

For marketers looking to engage prospective customers, online forms – whether they’re used to sign up for webinars, download content, or ask for more information about the services the company offers – are a crucial tool. Automation makes it easy to quickly generate online forms with features such as radio boxes, check boxes, captcha fields, password confirmation fields, and more.

Additionally, marketing automation software can incorporate information submitted via online forms into comprehensive contact profiles in CRM and marketing databases, allowing you to gain an in-depth view of a possible client’s level of engagement. Automation also allows businesses to securely collect payment information from customers with forms built for e-commerce.

Lead Nurturing

Turning potential buyers into actual customers takes time and carefully considered outreach efforts. Automation can enhance and simplify the process of lead nurturing in various ways, resulting in more sales and increased revenue. First of all, marketing automation software can integrate with major CRMs, including Salesforce, the leading customer database solution for sales and marketing based companies. CRM integration makes it easier to sync up and connect sales and marketing efforts: For instance, when leads are ready to buy, your marketing team can easily pass them along to the sales department.

Integration with your CRM also allows for better segmentation. Automation allows companies to take lists from CRMs and sort them into specific segments – for example, you could combine behaviors (such as attending an event) with characteristics such as the person’s industry or company. This allows your business to extend customized offers to each segment.

Automated email programs can also help nurture leads. Automation software gives you the ability to send personalized emails with professional, responsive designs that will catch a prospect’s eye whether they’re viewing it on their desktop, smartphone, or another device.

Finally, automation software lets you track the journey from prospect to buyer with funnel reports, which can inform sales forecasts and pinpoint which marketing campaigns produce the best results.

If you’d like to increase efficiency and streamline your company’s marketing efforts, the Traffic Jams team can help you reap the benefits of automation. To learn more, contact us today at 847-440-1200 or email