Video Marketing

Video marketing
Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Videos are becoming more and more important as people gain access to faster Internet connections and remote streaming services. Tablets and smartphones are used more than computers, and every television is now considered “smart” as they have video streaming apps already pre-installed—the world of advertising and marketing is changing, so should your strategy. It is because of this that businesses need to start re-thinking about the SEO strategies behind their video marketing campaigns. After all, one of the most powerful ways a brand can market themselves online is by posting videos.

Video Marketing Strategy:

YouTube is currently not just a platform for sharing videos, it is also one of the world’s most popular search engines on the web — second only to Google. With over a billion unique visitors each month, your business has the potential for not only improving your search engine rankings, but also engaging with your current customers and attracting new ones. With this in mind, all social platforms, including YouTube, should be completely branded with clear content that shows off your business. This will help distinguish your brand from other competitors.

Then, thinking about the possible types of videos to post, you have a few options to consider: video testimonials, product demos, about us videos, instructional videos, video tutorials, client interviews, video press releases, facility tour videos…all of which are guaranteed to generate high user engagement rates and brand visibility.

Traffic Jams will help you develop a clear video strategy in relation to your overall marketing objectives and set a monthly goal guaranteed for success. We strive on seeing increased SEO rankings, frequent Google search results, and positive social interactions—you should too!

Our Process:

Our process begins by meeting with you. A scheduled face-to-face meeting will take place with our team of experts to better understand how your brand works and how your competitors compete. From then on, we will gather all the data necessary, such as your previous videos and/or possible ideas, to better understand your brand, create goals, and figure out what works best for you. We will schedule another meeting to discuss a finalized plan of action—create scripts, storyboards, or just broad set of video ideas, followed by an execution. The process may vary based on the type of videos you chose to proceed with; but throughout the course of our contract, we will email and/or post videos onto your account, provide monthly reports and analysis to demonstrate our progress toward goals, identify who’s viewing your videos, and what topics you should further engage. Our goals are to exceed your expectations and come out on top.