How a Strong Brand Identity Creates Strong Marketing Campaigns


The average internet user sees thousands of ads a day.  They pop up in the corners of social media sites, they show up in sliders above websites and they stack up in inboxes.  The odds of a marketing campaign getting strong visibility become increasingly difficult for marketers in this digital age, so what makes the difference between a campaign with wild success and a campaign that flops?  Most marketers will tell you it all starts with a strong brand identity.

So what, exactly, is it?

A brand identity is all the components of the brand that make up a business’s perception by its consumers.  Every business has one, whether they’ve intentionally crafted it or not.  The name, the tone, the logo and the visuals all communicate brand vision to the consumer.  It’s important to note, there is a difference between a brand identity and a strong brand identity.  The strong ones tend to experience much more success and it is those that will create a strong marketing campaign.


A strong brand identity makes your brand more visible, thus more recognizable in campaigns.  A streamlined interface will go a long way in supporting your company.  You may not have an iconic logo like the Target bullseye, but you can incorporate your logo into all aspects of your campaign.  Target ads are easily identifiable by the red and white color scheme that makes up their logo.  The ads may run across different platforms but are similar in look to increase familiarity.  The more consistently recognizable your campaigns are, the further they will reach.


Your brand identity indicates the level of professionalism of your business.  Consumers choosing between businesses will use all available knowledge to help them make their decision. This could very well include the look of a website, the language used to communicate a brand or manner in which the business conducts itself online and in person.  Take the time to plan out your online strategy, and hire a web developer if you’re not absolutely sure you can do it yourself.  The effort you put into your brand at the beginning will pay off later.


Consumers are more trusting of businesses with strong brand identities.  If your brand is recognized in multiple places and it looks respectable, there isn’t much for your target audience to be wary of.  Your professional material, well-designed logo and effective tone demonstrate credibility needed for your business to create long-lasting relationships with customers.

With so much energy put into marketing campaigns, businesses must make the effort to make campaigns worthwhile.  That’s why a strong brand identity is crucial to businesses.   Traffic Jams provides professional marketing solutions and understands the importance of strong, unique brand identities.  Our experts deliver customized services that enable businesses of all sizes to succeed at the highest level.  For more information, call us at (855)599-3999 or fill out our contact form.

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