Marketing Automation: Must Have or Maybe Not?


The key to a successful marketing strategy is to create solutions for your specific business. What will work best for you? And how?  These are questions your marketers should address before implementing any tool in a marketing strategy.  Marketing automation is a tool that many think dominates the marketing mix.  As leads become more frequent and harder to keep track of, marketing automation is a popular option for marketers to turn to.  It’s is used by companies of all shapes and sizes and may seem like the holy grail of marketing, but it’s important to know the basics before you leap in.

So what exactly is marketing automation?

Marketing automation does not do your marketing for you.  It is a platform that streamlines and automates your marketing efforts.  The software takes tasks you’re already familiar with and measures them so you can determine your successes.  Some of the strategies associated with it are as follows:

Platforms are designed to cater to your needs, thus allowing a lot of room to individualize the program.  It allows for strong and consistent execution of tasks you are familiar with but may not have mastered.

Why might you need marketing automation?

Marketing automation does not eliminate the need for a marketing team.  It’s designed to help your team accomplish better results if you’re experiencing some of the following:

  • You are tracking your leads across different channels
  • The amount of quality leads is too high for your team to track on their own
  • You have in-depth content strategy to implement in campaigns
  • You are looking to analyze data to determine and increase ROI

Managing leads and qualified leads is a major component of marketing automation.  If you’re looking to compile data that your marketing and sales team cannot cover, the platform will provide structure.  This is not to say it will run your marketing campaigns for you.  Marketing automation is a big helper in terms of streamlining the process and collecting data, but without correct variables, it will not produce desirable results.  This leads to the signs that indicate your business is not in need of a marketing automation platform.

Signs your business is not ready for marketing automation:

  • You have a low volume of leads coming in every month
  • The area of help marketing automation supplies is not the area of help your business needs
  • The cost of marketing automation is more than the return on converted leads
  • Your immediate goal is not to convert more leads to customers

Marketing automation can be a great asset for some businesses, but it is not necessary for every team.  Make sure you know your goals, your current standings and what questions to ask when considering whether or not this will produce positive results for your business.  If you’re still in need of assistance, Traffic Jams can help you decide that answer.  Traffic Jams has experience working with all types of businesses to maximize their marketing efforts.  Contact us today at (855)599-9998 or fill out our contact form.

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