The Utilization of Hashtags and their Similarities to SEO Keywords


Whether you have a personal or business social media account, hashtags play a significant role in boosting your online presence. SEO keywords can be described as keywords or short phrases that help people find a website using a search engine. Similar to SEO keywords, hashtags are designated keywords that get your or content discovered by other users to find information on a specific topic.

Here are some tips on using Hashtags:

1. Do your Research

It is beneficial to keep up with the trends so you don’t fall behind. Like SEO, research is crucial.  Look for popular hashtags to bump up your reach depending on your target audience. Certain hashtags may be extremely competitive, therefore it will be difficult for your content to be seen at the top of the results page. It is important to use niche-specific hashtags to build a stronger relationship with your target audience. For example, for the holiday season, it is best to use holiday-themed hashtags such as #Halloween #Spooky #Christmas #HelloSanta #Hohoholidays or what is trending at the time.

You can look for trending topics by going to Twitter or Instagram and searching for the trending hashtags in your area. Using websites such as Hashtagify, Allhashtag, and Hashatit as tools can assist in your search as well.

2. Create a Hashtag for your Brand

If you have a vision of showcasing yourself or your business― spice it up by brainstorming a unique hashtag exclusive only to you. Whether it be a slogan, promoting a product/service, or starting a movement, having a hashtag for your brand can help separate you from your competitors. It also makes it easier for users to find your page.

Examples: #TrafficJamsSEO #TrafficJamsChicago #IncreasingTrafficIsAGoodThing

3. Background Check your Hashtag

Due to the power of the internet, it is easy for keywords and hashtags to relate to a plethora of topics. While doing  your research, it is necessary to know that hashtags are vulnerable to being used for the wrong reason. In other words, ensure that the words being used aren’t interpreted in the wrong way. This also applies for SEO keywords as well for this can drive traffic away and lower your ranking. You can always find helpful tools online or manually verify each hashtag by typing it into the search bar of your preferred platform.

4. Keep it Short and Simple

While on your trek to find the right keywords, it is always best to keep hashtags short unless a user is looking for something specific. In SEO, there are short tail and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are three words or less, being in the broad spectrum for a search phrase. Long tail keywords on the other hand are more than three words and narrow down a search. Like short tail keywords, shorter hashtags have a higher search volume but high competition. Long tail keywords and longer hashtags have a lower volume and low competition. If you are seeking to increase followers and relevancy, keeping the hashtags short, sweet and simple is your best bet.

5. Expansion is Key in Hashtag Utilization

Don’t be afraid to spread the word! There are many social media platforms that utilize hashtags such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. However, similar to keyword stuffing, make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your brand or else it will be harder for users to find your content. In order to give your brand more exposure, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the feature. The more you blog and post content, the more you enhance your brand identity. Posts with one or more hashtags have a higher engagement rate than those with none.

It’s never a good idea to overuse a keyword, that goes for hashtags as well. Users might perceive a business or individual as trying too hard to promote themselves. When replying to other do not add a hashtag. Best to use the top hashtags to attract people to your page or website.


In Conclusion, keywords and hashtags play a significant role in SEO and increasing visibility on multiple platforms. Choosing the right words to use can make or break the business you are in! It is important to always to do your research, identify your target market, and use the right phrases to gain the traction you need to set yourself or your business afoot.

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