7 Advantages of Email Marketing

7 advantages of email marketing

When digital marketing experts speak of a digital marketing campaign, often times they only touch on factors like social media, SEO, and building a reputation on the Internet. Another important digital marketing strategy is using email marketing to your benefit. Here are 7 reasons email marketing should be a part of your cohesive SEO plan.

  • Simple to develop: Perhaps the most important benefit to email marketing is that email campaigns are simple to develop. Once an idea for a sale or newsletter comes out, it can be put into action within minutes. Not only are the emails quick to develop, but they’re easy to develop as well. Using email marketing applications allow you to develop an email in a visual way so that you see what is going out before it actually is launched. Additionally, these email marketing software clients offer ease in reporting email marketing campaign results as well.
  • Lower cost: Did you know that email marketing is about 20 times more cost-effective than using traditional media to deliver the same message? With email marketing, you eliminate costs of both postage and printing. Additionally, people are far more likely to just toss direct mail into the trash, while email marketing shows a far greater ROI (return on investment). You spend less, and get more customers.
  • Wider reach: Many businesses, whether they are B2C or B2B, serve national and even global markets. Advertising to these markets via traditional media is not only expensive, but difficult in general. With email marketing you have a global reach at your fingertips. You can send emails to people in specific cities, states, or even countries, widening your opportunities.
  • Targeted marketing: Not only do you have a global reach with email marketing, but you also have the option to target specific groups of people. You have the ability to choose only subscribers to your brand, or people of specific demographics including age range, location, gender, and even profession. Instead of sending your call-to-action to people who will simply ignore it, you can increase your ROI by launching email campaigns tailored specifically to people who want to buy your product or service.
  • Personalized Messages: There are approximately 2.5 billion email users around the world. That is about 35% of the world. These users check their email daily, and begin to expect emails from their favorite service providers or product sellers. You develop a relationship with those that receive your emails, and have the ability to personalize the message that is sent to them. Good examples include using (but not over-using) consumers’ names and sending them reminders that something is still in their cart and ready to be purchased. The better the relationship you develop with your consumer, the more likely they are to trust you. The best part of all? Deeper relationships lead to higher profitability.
  • Advanced tracking capability: When you send off direct mail, you often times have no idea who reads your call-to-action and who simply tosses it into the garbage. The only tracking mechanism available is asking inquirers how they found your product, and using surveys that usually don’t offer 100% concrete information. With email marketing, you can track who clicked what, which email subjects are opened, and even who unsubscribed because of that specific email. It allows you to implement trial and error so that you can eventually find your “secret potion” or “the perfect email”.
  • Drive more sales: It’s already apparent that email marketing offers a greater ROI than traditional media, but did you know that approximately 50% of online users bought a product or service as a result of an email? This is a higher percentage than any other traditional or digital outlet, and proves that without email marketing you are losing out on a large amount of potential sales.

These are only 7 advantages of email marketing out of many more. With the help of a dedicated SEO company like Traffic Jams, you can launch flawless email marketing campaigns that show a real return and allow you to develop a deeper relationship with consumers.

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