Mobile Optimization: 21 Reasons To Optimize Now!

why mobile optimization is important


Businesses are encouraged to have an online presence, and we strongly agree with that. However, having a website is no good if you don’t maintain it and keep up to date with changes. Google has recently announced one such change.

Time to Gear Up:
On April 21st 2015 Google will be altering its search algorithm to include whether or not websites are mobile friendly. From this date, if your website is not mobile friendly it may suffer SEO rankings compared to your competitors who do have mobile optimized sites. One of the first things you need to do, before anything else, is to establish whether or not your current website is set up for mobility.

The quickest way to do this is to use Google’s own mobile testing form- available here: Google Mobile Friendly Tester. Another way you can find out if you are set up for mobility is by using Google’s very own Webmaster Tool. Within this tool there is a section called ‘Search Traffic’, and within that you will find ‘Mobile Usability’. The Mobile Usability section will give you details on the number of pages on your site that have issues, and the specific issues encountered by Google’s crawlers on those pages. Visit Webmaster tools, via this link: Google Webmaster Tools.

Don’t Feel Like Optimizing?
If you think optimizing for mobility is a waste of corporate time and money, here are 21 reasons as to why you, sir, are in the “no-no”.

  1. Google will decrease the SEO rankings of those who are not optimized for mobility
  2. People are increasingly to find your site via mobile device
  3. One HTML for ALL
  4. Did we mention, it’s recommended by Google.
  5. Easer to manage
  6. Above the fold content in 1-second
  7. Reduced bounce rate due to better user experience
  8. Blogging will bring more mobile visitors
  9. Preferred for SEO
  10. Adapts for future devices
  11. PPC benefits
  12. Mobile usage is EXPLODING
  13. Mobile browsing habits are different
  14. No duplication of content
  15. Easy link building
  16. Your customers are already mobile
  17. Wider reach—think, worldwide
  18. You’ll be ahead of the game
  19. More visitors
  20. Easier to manage and increase ROI
  21. 75% of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom**


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