5 Pro Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Matter


Email has been a staple in the marketer’s toolkit as long as email has been around, and it’s showing no signs of giving up that spot.  That’s because email has been, and is predicted to consistently continue as, one of the strongest channels for engaging and converting audiences.  But despite the advances in technology, graphics and mobility, the formula for a successful email marketing campaign has stayed largely the same.   Certain best practices stay constant throughout the years and guarantee a higher success rate.  We’ve listed a few below.

Spend time on your subject line

Your email is a waste of time and resources if it isn’t opened.  There are a few things you need to do to top the inbox and it all starts with your subject line.  While it should pertain to your email, it should also catch the reader’s attention.  We never support click-bait; a subject line that convinces a reader to click then has nothing to do with the message will most likely alienate you from your target.  At Traffic Jams, we ask ourselves, “What is it about this message that is enticing to the reader?”  Maybe it’s a special offer or a solution to a problem.  We use that to our advantage when creating a subject line.

Send a clear message

Email is popular because it’s convenient and it’s fast.  If your reader opens a 500+ word email, they’ll skim it at absolute best.  Successful emails state their objective right off the bat.  They tell the reader what they’re about and most importantly, why they should care.  They do it clearly and concisely to keep the reader’s attention.

Be personal

We don’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers and we don’t read emails from unknown senders.  Instead of buying your email lists, build it up from existing clients and referrals you do have. Use your brand identity to connect the reader with your email’s objective.  As you reach out to prospective clients, make the interaction as personal by conducting research to ensure your list is as close to target as possible and including names when applicable.

Be creative with your visuals

There are a number of ways to make your email visually pleasing without overdoing it on the graphics.  Clean templates with emphasis on important parts of the text solidify your message without getting in the readers’ faces.  Images that pop but don’t overshadow the email space add character and bullet points or small tables break up heavy text.  Take a look at a few emails the really hit the visual high mark here.

Pay attention to data – and use it to your advantage!

The time at which you send your email, the way you word your subject line, the amount of inboxes your emails get through to and more, all mean something to your email campaign.  Various tools enable marketers to measure data and successes with ease to help determine future success.

Emails give you the opportunity to get in front of audiences you may not normally be able to reach, and they put you back in front of audiences who may have forgotten you.  Email campaigns are a vital part of your marketing plan’s success.  Contact Traffic Jams for innovative and effective ways to reach your audience via email, or give us a call at (855)599-3999. We’ll help you revamp your email campaign strategy for complete success.

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