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Why you should use Marketing Automation for Your Business

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is simply the use of technology to automate marketing processes. It includes methods such as email marketing, scheduling social media posts, monitoring ad campaigns, and much more. This special software helps increase revenue, keep track of dataand maximize efficiency. Read more

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4 Factors that Affect Your Search Result

We use Google for everything. From finding the next restaurant we will eat at, to hiring a plumber (and everything in between) these journeys often start with a simple web search. But what factors affect the results shown to the user? Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in what pages platforms show first, but what about the aspects that are out of a company’s control? Read on to learn about 4 factors that influence your search result. Read more

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3 Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO Optimization

We use Google daily. When we need to know something quick, it’s the first resource we think of. Have you ever wondered how Google determines what information and which sites to present to you first? Often, we supply even the vaguest of terms and still receive detailed and helpful search results that get us the answers or information we want. Read more

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3 Methods to Spread Content without Using Social Media

Social media shares and posts are by and far the most common method for most businesses to push new or important content.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to reach a large audience.  Marketers struggle though, as social media continues to evolve, to distribute content to the right audiences at the right time.  While they may reach a large number of people, social media posts don’t necessarily promote qualified leads or content consumption. And while it is still considered necessary in most cases in the online marketing environment, other forms of content distribution may make a greater impact on your audience engagement.  These overarching methods provide ways to distribute content effectively and efficiently to targeted audiences. Read more

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Marketing Automation: Must Have or Maybe Not?

The key to a successful marketing strategy is to create solutions for your specific business. What will work best for you? And how?  These are questions your marketers should address before implementing any tool in a marketing strategy.  Marketing automation is a tool that many think dominates the marketing mix.  As leads become more frequent and harder to keep track of, marketing automation is a popular option for marketers to turn to.  It’s is used by companies of all shapes and sizes and may seem like the holy grail of marketing, but it’s important to know the basics before you leap in. Read more

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Under the Influence: 4 Steps to Successful Influencer Marketing

If a banner ad or billboard urges you to buy a product, you might dismiss it as a blatant and not necessarily honest effort by advertisers to make a sale. But if your closest friends start praising a certain brand and recommending it to you, you’ll probably pay more attention and trust their opinions. Read more

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