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How Important is Video Content in Your Online Marketing Strategy?

It seems like video is popping up everywhere. Company websites, social media and personal messages all have video content and the number of online videos continues to grow.  Personal videos create fame through internet shares and exposure.  Social media sites have changed algorithms to accommodate the demand, and it would seem the trend is here to stay.  What does this mean for your business? Great video content doesn’t come without cost, but many see great benefits as well. Read more

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How to Make the Best of Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing has taken off across all forms on the internet.  Whether it be integrated, sponsored or bluntly advertised, video marketing campaigns are present in almost all aspects of new media.  Described as one of the most results-inducing forms of virtual marketing, video marketing definitely has its advantages.  But because it’s so popular, and has become increasingly easy for everybody due to technological advances, it’s easy to get lost in the mix.  It’s important to know how to create a strong video marketing campaign so as to stand apart from others and reach the maximum amount of consumers with the positive results.  The most successful campaigns incorporate a multitude of tactics and strategies to create effective ads and have these things in common. Read more

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5 Key Benefits of Video Marketing

To be human is to be almost irresistibly drawn to video content. We spend millions of hours each month glued to YouTube, and on Facebook we collectively consume 4 billion videos every single day. So it makes sense that video has emerged as a powerful digital marketing tool, Tyler Lessard – CMO of the video marketing company Vidyard – said during a presentation at Marketing Nation Online, a virtual marketing conference held earlier this month. Read more

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The Top Benefits of Video Marketing

benefits of video marketing

In the world of digital marketing, plans and strategies must be cohesive or they won’t reach their full potential. Sometimes there are missing pieces, and more often than not, a major missing piece is a simple video marketing strategy. Read more

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