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3 Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO Optimization

We use Google daily. When we need to know something quick, it’s the first resource we think of. Have you ever wondered how Google determines what information and which sites to present to you first? Often, we supply even the vaguest of terms and still receive detailed and helpful search results that get us the answers or information we want. Read more

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The Power of Voice & SEO

Our smartphones and smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are becoming more commonplace as consumers have come to love the simplicity, speed and usability of these devices. Nearly 20 percent of all searches are done through voice, and with the growing popularity of smart speakers and consumers making their homes ”smart,” business owners and marketers have already started implementing voice search SEO as a part of their long-term goals and strategies to drive traffic. Read more

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The Benefits of Blogging: Why your Business Needs One

benefits of blogging and why your SMB needs one

Blogging is an important marketing tool, because it adds a human face to your business. It’s relatively inexpensive to start a blog, and the positive implications are endless. For a small business especially, blogging is a strategic tool that can increase customer traffic and create solid sales leads. Read more

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