Tips to Top the Inbox: What You Need to Get Emails Noticed

The average person is inundated with emails every day.  Most of us immediately delete the majority of mail that comes our way, especially if we don’t think it relates to us.  As a marketing tactic, emails can be tricky.  They require a strategy and plan to be successful and an accurate analysis of your target audience is key.  Still, getting consumers to open your mail can be difficult.  Getting that click-through can be even more difficult. It’s frustrating to put effort into an email without definitive results.  If you’re not experiencing the results you anticipated, there are many things you can do to your emails that have big impacts on your click rates.

Strong headlines

Let the reader know exactly what the email is about in an engaging way.  There is research to indicate that “this specific amount” of words is optimum for a subject header in an email, but the main goal is to attract the reader’s attention however necessary. This can be done by using unique word choice or by including concrete numbers like 7 or 15 to break up messages and catch the reader’s eye.  Tell the reader what they are going to learn or gain by opening the email right off the bat.


Presentation matters.  Make sure your email’s format is friendly across all platforms.  Almost half of all emails are opened on a mobile device, so it’s absolutely necessary to create emails visible on a smartphone or tablet.  Consider some simple mobile design tips, like increasing font size and creating an obvious call-to-action.  Edit and re-edit your emails for grammatical and formatting errors as these mistakes hurt the email’s credibility amongst an inbox full of mail fighting for attention.

Engaging Content

Be clear and to the point.  Make sure the purpose of your message is clearly received.    Make sure that your emails are only sent if there is real benefit to the reader.  Offering incentive or benefits strongly increase your chances of clicks and demonstrate your relationship with the email recipient.  Avoid clutter by making your content quick and to the point.  Short and personal emails give you a clear and concise voice.  Make sure all information necessary is included and the call to action reminds readers of why the email was sent to that specific person.

Know Your Audience

Know the habits of your audience to most effectively reach them. Your audience determines your language, your timing, the format of your email and a lot of other things too.  Knowing their habits is necessary before using any other tool to construct your emails. When are they most likely to check their email?  Typically, the most common time an email is opened across the board is after 8 p.m. on a weekday, though this may vary depending on your audience’s demographics.  The type of language used in your email should be reflective of the purpose of the email, and the way you would talk to your target audience.  Retailers marketing to teens are going to fill their subjects with tones much different than IT companies marketing to small businesses.  Addressing your audience appropriately creates a personal relationship with viewers and incentivizes clicks and opens.

Everyone’s inbox is cluttered and overflowing.  There is no definitive formula for email marketing success.  However, by catering to your audience’s needs in the most appealing ways possible, your email marketing campaign has the ability to grow and succeed.  If you’re looking for additional help, contact our marketing experts at Traffic Jams by calling (855) 599-9998 or emailing  We can create an email marketing campaign that is sure to produce results.

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