My Industry

SEO for Financial Services

Whether you are a financial advisor, CPA or other industry professional, the need for SEO that satisfies the needs of both the search engines and your clients is clear. We specialize in creating marketing campaigns designed to promote your financial services company through SEO, reputation management, niche marketing and more.

SEO for Healthcare

SEO is important to virtually every industry these days, especially healthcare. As a healthcare provider or institution, it can be tough to stand out online. At Traffic Jams, our professionals create content and paid ad campaigns that can help your healthcare services stand out above the noise.

SEO for Insurance Agencies

Are you making excuses for marketing your insurance agency online? While traditional marketing methods can still work, more consumers are looking to the web to purchase and compare insurance plans for their homes, cars, health and businesses. Let us help take the weight of marketing online off your shoulders.

SEO for Law Firms

The legal industry is one of the most competitive when it comes to marketing your business online. Whether you’re an independent attorney or law firm, the competition to get your name to the top of the search engines can be fierce. Our professionals can help you create an SEO plan that is geared towards long term growth.

SEO for Logistics and Transportation

There are plenty of simple tasks that you can perform to help your SEO, but letting a dedicated marketing team can help you reduce your workload and get the best results. From web design to content marketing, social media, public relations and more –Traffic Jams is here to help.

SEO for Manufacturing

If you provide manufacturing services, produce parts or sell equipment – there are people out there who are looking to work with you. The question is, will they be able to find you? Our content writers and marketers can help you create B2B content focused on your industry for terms that your customers are searching for, giving you the competitive edge you need to thrive.

SEO for Nonprofits

Non-profits, just like other businesses, need exposure too and SEO has become a major factor in your online success. Our professionals can help you design an SEO strategy that fits within your non-profit’s budget and helps you get the exposure your organization requires.

SEO for Real Estate

One of the most important things for those in the real estate industry is qualified leads. But like many professionals in the industry, mining the internet for leads isn’t at the top of your list. Our professionals can help you create campaigns and content that can attract the leads you’re looking for.

SEO for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, local search is at the top of your list when it comes to getting found online. Whether your customers are looking for the best taco joint in their city or a classy wine bar, we can help you connect with mobile friendly local SEO packages designed for your budget.

SEO for Small Businesses

As a local business owner, being easy to find is critical to your success. Each day customers are searching online from their desktops and mobile devices for businesses just like yours. Our professionals are well versed in both the technical and finer aspects of helping you get found online in local search results and beyond.