3 Methods to Spread Content without Using Social Media


Social media shares and posts are by and far the most common method for most businesses to push new or important content.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to reach a large audience.  Marketers struggle though, as social media continues to evolve, to distribute content to the right audiences at the right time.  While they may reach a large number of people, social media posts don’t necessarily promote qualified leads or content consumption. And while it is still considered necessary in most cases in the online marketing environment, other forms of content distribution may make a greater impact on your audience engagement.  These overarching methods provide ways to distribute content effectively and efficiently to targeted audiences.

Email outreach

While email may seem a little outdated in today’s online environment, it is still very much so a powerful tool if used correctly. You can use email to do things like:

  • Run targeted email campaigns to prospects, new clients, existing clients and whatever other target you choose. Thanks to email platforms, multiple campaigns can run out to people at once and run as campaign drips or traditional campaigns without headache.
  • Share content directly in email signatures to email recipients. The more noticeable content is, the more likely an individual is to engage with it.  Including content in email signatures is not overtly pushy and provides extra exposure.
  • Create a personal point of contact with follow-up and personalized emails. Personal emails have a noticeably higher open rate than general email blasts and encourage recipients to respond to content.

Guest posting

Guest posting can be a creative alternative to traditional content distribution that establishes your brand or voice as a thought leader.  It also gives you a chance to discuss your content directly with your target audience.  Make sure to choose opportunities that align with the goals of your business and content so as to reach the correct audience.

Utilizing SEO

With the amount of people using search engines, you business and everything it publishes simply has to be searchable.  The three most common ways to boost your search rankings are through earned, owned or paid media.  Generally, a combination of all three will boost content most effectively.

  • Earned media results from other sources including your content in their own in some way, shape or form. Receiving a mention in a blog article from a publication that reaches your target audience indirectly promotes your content.
  • Paid media includes any paid promotion to put your content in front of a targeted audience and promotes your efforts directly.
  • Owned media promotes content on sites or publications that you own and take charge of. Content distribution from owned media generally results in searches  via search engine.

Content distribution is essential to the success of a business.  With the right structures in place, content delivery to the right audiences will result in positive effects on any business.  Contact a Traffic Jams specialist today about your means of spreading content to targeted audiences to learn about how to drive your business success.

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