5 B2B Marketing Myths Debunked


Marketers find no shortage of advice online about marketing best practices, marketing trends, and marketing do’s and don’ts.  In an ever changing environment, a lot of this advice is outdated within a matter of months. There are some pieces of advice, however, which are not and will not ever be true.  We’ve listed them here.

Myth: The focus of your search strategy should be branded searches only

Truth: SEM continues to prove its importance to marketers as a lead generation tool for businesses.  There’s no doubt your business should be up to date on its Google rankings, but your focus should spread between branded and generic searches.  While branded searches are an important aspect of quality lead generation, most searches begin as generic searches.  A business may not know exactly what they are looking for, or may not use the correct verbiage for the services they require.  That’s where you come in, by helping them even before they know that you are.

Myth: B2B marketing should always target the highest-level executives

Truth: Especially in today’s environment, C-levels are not the only influencers in the decision-making process.  They may have the sign off, but they’re not necessarily the people you need to notice you.  Broaden your marketing efforts to reach the influential point of contact; the person who will directly benefit from your services.

Myth: B2B marketers can’t use social media results as measurable successes

Truth: Social media results are more or less difficult to measure depending on what, exactly, you are trying to measure. But in terms of exposure, social media is a great tool to measure a business’s reach to targeted audiences.  Using tools social media sites provide or by using third party management platforms, businesses can easily keep metrics organized and readable to aid in strategy development.

Myth: B2B marketing targets businesses as opposed to people

Truth: People run businesses; not the other way around.  Try to steer clear of the, “obtaining a company’s business” thought process and start thinking about the people behind that company.  Marketing isn’t as cut and dry as traditional practices make it out to be.  It’s a field centered around people, and your marketing efforts open these peoples’ eyes.  Market your service and WHY your service is a cut above the rest. Studies show that businesses value the quality of service provided to them and are more willing to work with personable businesses.

Myth: Your marketing efforts are all in vain if your industry is “boring”

Truth: Your industry exists for a reason; people need it.  Whether you are a niche marketer or part of a saturated industry, someone somewhere needs the services your business provides.  Your job is to get your business in front of the people that matter, by whatever means prove effective.

Navigating through the marketing clutter can be difficult for businesses.  The specialists at Traffic Jams understand this, and dedicate our time to creating strategic and personal marketing plans that benefit businesses to the fullest.  If you have questions about marketing best practices, give us a call at (855)599-9998 or fill out a contact form.

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