Creative Copy Tips to Increase Conversions


Your website serves as the hub of your business.  Your social media, blogs and extra content all lead back to your original website.  The copy on your landing pages is crucial to turn leads into conversions.  It has the ability make or break sales, boost or hinder your reputation and sets an overall tone to your business.  If you feel like you’re not getting the conversions you should be, maybe it’s time to look at your copy.  Check out some expert copywriting tips to spruce up your website.

  1. Give it personality

You may sell a product that is very similar to your competitors.  So how do you get your customers to choose you over another company that sells the same thing?  You make them like you. Your copy gives your business a chance to set itself apart from others with unique branding and tone of voice.  Differentiate yourself from the competition by creating a voice that users won’t forget.

  1. Active voice

Active voice is interesting, easy to understand and concrete.  Therefore, active voice is appealing option when marketing to users.  Below are examples of a sentence structured in both active and passive voice:

“Traffic Jams increased their clients’ conversion rates by 100%.” (active)

“The conversion rates of the clients have been increased by 100% by Traffic Jams.” (passive)

The sentence in active voice is more direct and to the point and if you’re fighting for your user’s attention, concise is always best.

  1. Break it up

Most readers skim content nowadays as opposed to read it all the way through.  They pick out only the information they find interesting or that catches their eye.  Italicize, underline and break up important points that you don’t want your user to miss.  These breaks in content catch the reader’s eye and give your business a better chance to supply them with information.

  1. Use imagery

Of course you need to tell the reader what you do.  But when you can incorporate what you do in a memorable way, users are much more likely to respond positively.  Imagery is a great way to do this.  Describe your point with visuals to cement an idea into the user’s head.

  1. Positive action

Action words encourage users to take action.  Positive action words are more likely to leave an impression on a user.  By telling the user to “save time” as opposed to telling them “don’t waste time”, you create an action in a positive tone that is likely to be well-received by the user.

  1. Call to action

If you don’t tell your user what to do next, chances are they will do nothing.  Your call to action guides them into next steps to turn your conversions into customers.  Make your calls to action creative and compelling.

  1. Keep the conversation light

Avoid bogging down text with big words and complex sentences.  Write your copy as if you were speaking directly to the user.  Your conversational tone will make for a quick and easy read.

For more copywriting tips and general website ideas, give Traffic Jams a call at (855) 599-9998 or fill out our contact form.  There are many things your website can do for you and the experienced professionals at Traffic Jams help you utilize that space to its fullest.

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