How to Make Your B2B Blog Beam

Tips for B2B Blogs

Time and time again, B2B (business-to-business) companies feel that the rules of social media and blogging do not apply to them.  If your B2B company blogs, you’re in luck. According to a study done by HubSpot, “B2B companies that blog only 1-2x/month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog”. If your B2B Company doesn’t blog, it’s wise to start. It’s not always easy to start a blog, especially if your industry is seemingly short on topics. Here are 4 tips to making your B2B blog stand out.

  1. Determine your audience: Perhaps one of the most important first steps when creating and maintaining a blog is ensuring that you know exactly who you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting business owners, you probably shouldn’t blog about hating your boss. Additionally, it needs to stay on topic and language needs to be appropriate. If you are a logistics company, it may prove unhelpful to use terms unfamiliar to those NOT in the logistics industry, simply because you are seeking business from people who most likely don’t know much about the ins and outs of logistics. Instead, you need to ensure that you are speaking in layman’s terms. Also, it’s a good idea to decide if your blog should read casually or more professionally. All of these things play a part in a reader deciding to stay on your blog or leave.
  2. Look to industry influencers: Chances are you have a few blogs that you turn to for industry news and other resources. By keeping up with their blog, you can get ideas for your own while quoting them and mentioning them when distributing your blogs. Not only does this make your blog more knowledgeable as you are mentioning an industry resource that others already trust, but it also gives the influencer a chance to retweet or amplify your content to a target you are trying to reach that they’ve already gained trust from. For example, if you are in the tech industry, you can look to blogs such as or Or if you are in the SEO industry like Traffic Jams, you can look to other SEO resources like HubSpot or MarketingProfs! As long as you are utilizing credible sources and giving credit where credit is due, you will reap the benefits.
  3. Blog at least 1-2 times a month: Consistency is important in just about every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Similar to needing to post consistently on social, you need to consistently blog. As stated before, the more frequently you post, the more leads you receive!
  4. Share your blog posts on social media: So you have posted the perfect blog… Where are all the comments and shares? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that easily. After creating your content, you have to artfully distribute it. After mastering the content style and frequency of your posts, it’s important to share them on every outlet that makes sense. Share them on all of your social media accounts while ensuring that you have tagged any influencers or others that you have included stats or quotes from. Hashtag them accordingly and eventually you will see the leads start pouring in, and perhaps you will find that your company becomes an industry influencer itself!

There are many more tips and ways to make your B2B blog the best it can be.

Do you see the benefits of blogging but don’t have enough time in the day to manage your blog? Leave it to Traffic Jams to drive in results. Email us at or give us a call at (855) 599-9998.

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