The Benefits of Blogging

benefits of blogging

Blogging is a hot topic in the SEO industry, and you may be familiar with the practice. However, do you know the extent to which blogging affects your online presence? Here are a few benefits to blogging:

Show off your writing skills did a study that found nine out of 10 companies check job candidates’ online profiles before choosing who to hire. Having a well-kept, quality blog shows off your writing skills as well as your insight into trending/relevant subjects. However, this can work against you too if you don’t have work appropriate content or incriminating photos on your blog.

Improve your SEO

Blogs are great for SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting your site ranked high on search engines like Bing and Google. These search engines have web crawlers that “crawl” your website frequently looking for new, quality content. One of the best ways to get this new, quality content is through blogging. Writing weekly posts will help boost your ranking and bring more visitors to your website.

Become an online influencer

Do you have in-depth knowledge about a certain topic? Or a hobby you’re passionate about? Blog about it! Bloggers are influential and you can even be sponsored by a company in your blog’s industry to post about certain products or services and get paid for it.

Communicate directly with your audience

Blogs are a good source for two-way communication with your readers. Through comments and sharing on social media, you can interact directly with your audience.

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