Wearables and SEO

As wearable technology becomes more common and feature-rich, it’s clear that it is changing the world. It makes businesses more efficient, people more health-conscious, and life more futuristic; but what effects will wearables have on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Though chances are we probably don’t know all that wearables and SEO will amount to, some things are already implemented into the way people are using wearables to search the web.

  1. Card-based search: As technology has advanced, almost all mobile devices now come with a virtual assistant. With that being said, users are asking their devices questions so that they don’t have to spend time typing a question in a search engine and then additionally having to look through results. With Google’s knowledge card, it extracts the results from the top ranking websites and then answers the users question in an easy-to-read format.
  2. Search by location: For quite some time now, people have been asking their phone and using apps to find the nearest Starbucks. Now, with the use of wearables you can choose to be notified when you’re near a place, or simply use your wearable to ask your virtual assistant to find it for you. With most wearables being integrated with some kind of map service, it is inevitable that people will be using their wearables to search for the best places around them.
  3. Search by voice: As stated before, all mobile devices, including most wearables come with a virtual voice assistant. This allows for people to ask a virtual person a question and immediately get answers. As witnessed on smartwatches, people can press a button and ask their voice assistant to grab some search results off the Internet. This ties directly into card-based search, allowing a quick recap of search results being shown on the device. A great example is asking Siri the age of a Taylor Swift on the Apple Watch:

Apple Watch Knowledge Box

Essentially, the SEO world needs to prepare for Search Engine Optimization without the actual search engine. At some point, wearables will allow people to search for what they want, get an answer right away, and not have to spend countless hours scrolling through lists in hopes of finding what they need.

This is just another point that proves an SEO and digital marketing plan is a continuous strategy that must adapt as trends, algorithms and technology change.

It can be hard to run a business and focus on keeping your SEO strategy current.

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