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You’re probably familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, but do you know how social media helps your overall SEO rankings? Social media allows you to engage directly with your audience and share company news, events and blog posts easily. Search engines also look at the consistency of your posts and take that into consideration when ranking your website. Below are 12 ways to improve your social media engagement.

12 Ways

To Improve

Social Media

in 2015

Post valuable content
Give your customers what they want.
Make it interesting and easy to consume.

Learn Customer
Network Preferences
Find out where your customers hang out online. B2B favor LinkedIn, whereas b2c are more on Facebook.

Find Customer Interests
Interact with your customers.
Social media isn't just about you.

Improve your Image
Extend your branding to all of your social sites using your logo and brand voice to create a cohesive experience.

Listen to Your Audience
Landing pages allow people to know what they will get from connecting with you.

Use Video
Videos keep people on your page
longer and have higher engagement.

Create Landing Pages
Use social media to help anticipate your customer's needs and challenges

Increase Mentions
Share USer testimonials online and ask existing customers for feedback.

A customer
service presence
Make a point to respond to questions on social media professionally and ASAP.

Ask Questions
Use negative feedback as an opportunity to ask questions that will allow you to improve on your service.

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