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3 Methods to Spread Content without Using Social Media

Social media shares and posts are by and far the most common method for most businesses to push new or important content.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to reach a large audience.  Marketers struggle though, as social media continues to evolve, to distribute content to the right audiences at the right time.  While they may reach a large number of people, social media posts don’t necessarily promote qualified leads or content consumption. And while it is still considered necessary in most cases in the online marketing environment, other forms of content distribution may make a greater impact on your audience engagement.  These overarching methods provide ways to distribute content effectively and efficiently to targeted audiences. Read more

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5 B2B Marketing Myths Debunked

Marketers find no shortage of advice online about marketing best practices, marketing trends, and marketing do’s and don’ts.  In an ever changing environment, a lot of this advice is outdated within a matter of months. There are some pieces of advice, however, which are not and will not ever be true.  We’ve listed them here. Read more

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5 Pro Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Matter

Email has been a staple in the marketer’s toolkit as long as email has been around, and it’s showing no signs of giving up that spot.  That’s because email has been, and is predicted to consistently continue as, one of the strongest channels for engaging and converting audiences.  But despite the advances in technology, graphics and mobility, the formula for a successful email marketing campaign has stayed largely the same.   Certain best practices stay constant throughout the years and guarantee a higher success rate.  We’ve listed a few below. Read more

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Responsiveness: Why Your Marketing Means Nothing without a Responsive Website

You’ve most likely realized at this point that internet marketing involves much more than just, well, marketing.  With Google and other search engine algorithms measuring your credibility and worth, internet marketers have to appeal to both machines and humans to succeed. Website responsiveness addresses both of these parties.  It is so important that without a responsive website, your marketing efforts will mean nothing. Read more

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Keywords: Your Guide for Where, When and How

keywords guide

If you have a website or blog, you know you need to use keywords.  Keywords are the key words (or phrases) embedded in your internet content that make it easier for people to find your site through search engines.  They hugely help your website’s visibility over time, if done right.  These can hurt your marketing efforts when you use them too often or for purposes that try to cheat the search engine system.  So how can you make the most out of your keywords? Here are the most commonly asked questions that non-marketers ask us about keyword usage. Read more

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How a Strong Brand Identity Creates Strong Marketing Campaigns

The average internet user sees thousands of ads a day.  They pop up in the corners of social media sites, they show up in sliders above websites and they stack up in inboxes.  The odds of a marketing campaign getting strong visibility become increasingly difficult for marketers in this digital age, so what makes the difference between a campaign with wild success and a campaign that flops?  Most marketers will tell you it all starts with a strong brand identity. Read more

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