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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a hot topic and there are a lot of factors that go into a successful strategy. Of those factors, on-page maintenance is crucial because search engine web crawlers look at the structure of your website before ranking you on search results. So, how can you master the on-page factors and boost your SEO rankings?


Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is the process of affecting the visibility of a web page in a search engine's "organic" search results.

Web Analytics:

Statistical analytics provide insights to web traffic, popular content and visitor behavior, which help to frame the overall SEO strategy.


Primary and secondary keywords are selected to bring focus on page content and drive overall traffic.


Content is updated to include SEO-friendly features such as: keywords, alt tags, anchor text and formating.

Site Architecture:

Areas such as the sitemaps and site navigation are reviewed for ease of accessibility.

& Design:

The priority of information, origination and clarity of the site design are all factors that affect overall usability and experience.

Site Optimization:

Like interlocking gears, your SEO plan requires regular maintenance and constant updating.